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As we say in the Midwest - hi there!

I am just an Iowa girl originally from Manchester who has a passion for creating things. It stems from my two Aunts who are professional artists here in Iowa. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a maker and art enthusiast at heart - sketching, molding, and imagining every day. Why earrings? Well, I let my personality shine through with my jewelry.

My goal is to create a unique piece that speaks to you and brings out your confidence.

Everything is 100% made by hand, from the heart.

Thanks for stopping by!


About the maker

All designs are first imagined. Sometimes through a the shower...or inspiring architecture. Sketches are transformed into a clay piece of art. Modern dove clay earrings are incredibly lightweight and durable - a perfect match for sensitive ears. All pieces are 100% made by hand and slowmade at that because of their delicate designs. An earring bound to bring you confidence. 

The process


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super cute and lightweight! these shipped so quickly I had them within days of ordering, and they're already my go-to earrings :) - can't get enough of these mini arches!

                                 - Sophie